A Great Resume Format And

Preparing For Job Interview Questions 

Is All You Need To Win Your Next Job Offer



These Career Tools Help You Tell Your Story And Amaze Employers

Only the top 2% of job seekers are called into an interview (98% are rejected).  At JobTactics.com our strategy is to share secret job search tactics that are proven to win job offers quickly.

To become a “top candidate,” you need a resume format combined with job interview strategies to prove your value clearly enough to become a “Top 2%” candidate who can win multiple job offers in a short amount of time.

Over 20 years, we developed career tools, a “wow” resume format and a job interview tactics that demystify a job search.  We want job seekers to feel confident in each step, knowing that they are ahead of their competition.


Jobtactics.com offers wonderful free job search tools, a unique resume format and answers to job interview questions in one place:

  1. Learn resume formats  that “wow” potential employers.
  2. Know how to answer tough job interview questions effortlessly.
  3. Look at examples of “top candidate” resumes.
  4. Read cover letter examples that make you unique and learn research-based cover letter writing skills.
  5. Master the secrets of beating your job search competition.
  6. Thousands of our clients have won higher salaries, better job offers and rewarding employment in under 10 weeks.

Over 5,000 of our clients have used these tools to:

  1. Shorten a job search to 6-12 weeks (the better you look, the faster your job search).
  2. Win multiple, concurrent job offers (impress more employers and win 2-3 job offers at the same time).
  3. Increase salaries by 15-50% (hundreds have doubled and tripled their paycheck – so can you).
  4. Beating fierce job competition requires that you appear to employers as the best prospective candidate.

Six simple steps to winning more job offers:

  1. Complete our patent-pending (free) “Resume Grader” tool to find out how well your resume will perform on the job market.
  2. View our “best-in-class” resume formatexamples to see how to quickly improve your resume.
  3. Use our “6 Weeks To A New Job – Career Coaching Package”  to learn how to write a “top 2%” resume.  This tool will give you access to over 100 resume formats,  get audio coaching on “creating your personal value propositions” and learn  how to make employers want hire you quickly (click here).
  4. Use our cover letter examples and researching techniques to make your cover letter grab employer’s cluttered mindshare.
  5. Learn interviewing techniques that dispel your fear and change your perspective from having to “memorize long lists of interview questions” to a collaborative style of interviewing that helps you hit the employer’s bulls-eye needs every time.
  6. Our resume formatting tool helps you uncover the hidden gems in your background and “sell” your skills to employers (we call these personal value propositions – the key to winning job offers).

To start your super-fast career search  click here

If  at any time, you need help with resume formatting, please contact us and a career coach can help you.

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